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How does a mobile EMS session looks like?

Our coach will meet you at your place, explain and answer all your questions and consult you on your goals. He will explain you our equipment step by step and show you how to dress. We will proceed to a short warmup, followed by our signature 20min exercise part (exercise movements designed on your program and desired results) after that we will finish with our relaxing program and finally full body stretch.

Why only 20 Minutes?

Our Smartsuit will activate all your major muscle groups at once. More muscle activity = more calories burned and muscle tear, which will result in rebuild of stronger muscles. This compared to normal exercise where we usually use only limited muscle groups and activate only 40-60% muscle fibers. Therefore 20min of SmartFit20 EMS workout is equal intensive 90min traditional exercise.

How much space and which equipment do I need to use your service?

For our EMS mobile workout, you need 5 square metre of free space (this can be in your condo gym, house, office, even outdoor is possible). One Exercise/yoga mat, we will provide one if not available. Further equipment is not required we will bring our EMS equipment and some resistance bands.

I tried to reshape my body in the past without having success. Does EMS help?

Definitely. EMS-Training is highly effective it activates all muscles, burns about 500 calories per session and increase the calorie consumption in the following days (up to 48h) after the session dramatically (EPOC or sometimes called “afterburn effect”).

Is it safe?

EMS technology has been researched for decades and used local applied in physiotherapy, the electrical current used is low and completely safe . If you`re medically cleared to perform other types of workout, EMS is generally considered to be safe. Our EMS-Specialists are educated at Gluckerkolleg in Cologne, Germany (worldwide leading institute for education about EMS-training) to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

How does it feels?

The feeling can be described like a vibration comparable to a shower head pointed at your skin from a short distance, or may as a vibration in your muscles. (it feels like this as your muscles will twich with a high frequency, fast contractions and releases) It might feels unusal, yes. But the experience will not be painful or uncomfortable in any way.

How about hygiene?

After each session we deep clean our SmartSuits, and desinfect the equipment used. We additionally also offer 1time underwear. If you bought your personal SmartFit Suit (which gives you 10% discount on all training fees), we will advise you how to wash the suit. (Buy option).

How much is the fee for the suit?

We have 2 options:

We bring our suit with us each session, which is free of charge. (Rental option)

The second option is to purchase the suit, which gives you the maximum of hygiene and fit (as the suit adopts the form of your body). Furthermore we give you 10 % discount on all training prices and do not charge the registration fee. (Purchase Option)

How will I feel after EMS-Training?

Short after an EMS session you will feel of having done a great workout, your muscle will be fatigued. After a short recovery time you will have a powerful sense of well-being and feel all the positive effects of having done a great intensive workout. Endorphins are released and you will experience greater physical awareness. In the following 24 to 48h you will experience DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness)The pain tends to peak about one to three days after your workout, and then should ease up after that. DOMS may strike whenever you dial up your workout intensity, perform eccentric exercises, or try a new kind of exercise your body isn’t used to.

As a women I don’t want to grow big mountains of muscles, is EMS-Training suitable for me ?
Yes. Clinical studies have shown, women improved their strength and performance, lost on waist and hips without building high amounts of muscle mass. (which is hormone related)
What included in the pricing?

Our training prices including a professional educated personal coach, the use of the equipment, travel fees within cenral Bangkok, as well cleaning and service. (Outside of central Bangkok a small travel charge may apply, please ask us for your specific area)


We from SmartFit20® have a solution. We offer personal training based on the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) concept, giving you incredible results, whether your goal is body shaping, building up muscle, improving back pain or recovering from injury.

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