Electric Muscle Stimulation Helps to Recover from Injuries Much Faster


The medical use of EMS represents the next level in physiotherapy. Compared to traditional rehabilitation methods and exercises, the clients can recover from their injuries much faster and in a more effective way. This muscle recovery process also becomes less painful, because the EMS training exercises are easier to do, much more comfortable for the injured clients and safer on the joints.

Numerous studies demonstrate the positive effects of EMS on health and it is considered as a sophisticated muscle stimulation solution. EMS is used in pre- and postoperative treatment, correcting muscular imbalances, relieving pain, preventing injuries, osteoporosis, incontinence, etc. while it also activates metabolism, improves blood circulation, relieves the joints in arthrosis and it has many further additional benefits.


We from SmartFit20® have a solution. We offer personal training based on the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) concept, giving you incredible results, whether your goal is body shaping, building up muscle, improving back pain or recovering from injury.

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