Performance Boost

Athletes, bodybuilders and sports professionals benefit from a huge improvement in strength, speed and endurance - with minimum time input. A complete new training dimension opens up, which is why EMS is gaining importance in professional sports.

EMS stimulates 95% of all muscles and provides more intense and deeper contractions, as compared to a normal voluntary contraction, so you can achieve muscle related goals faster with minimum time input. EMS effectively addresses the large, fast muscle fibers that are difficult to reach with other types of training.

SmartFit20 Performance Boost training provides a large spike in HGH (Human growth hormone), which increases lean body mass and have highly performance-enhancing properties such as improving strength and increased exercise capacity.

Usain Bolt (“fastest man in the world”), Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) and many football teams from the German Bundesliga are using EMS in addition to their training. Bring your training to the next level!


We from SmartFit20® have a solution. We offer personal training based on the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) concept, giving you incredible results, whether your goal is body shaping, building up muscle, improving back pain or recovering from injury.

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