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While we grow older, we often neglect our exercise routine, which is one reason why our body fat percentage increases, our muscle mass decreases and overall health condition decline. In many case movements getting limited, as our joints get stiff, as well our muscle strength declines by 15 percent per decade after age 50 and 30 percent per decade after age 70.

To counteract these age-related symptoms participating in physical exercise with an certian intensity is recommended, this intensity is necessary for long-term success and can only rarely be achieved, which is why stagnation often occurs after initial successes.

The solution is SmartFit20, when training with electrical impulses, the orthopedic load is low, the workout is very joint-friendly. At the same time the metabolism is stimulated because all large muscle groups are trained at the same time.

We work directly on the muscle fiber and don ́t need any heavy weights and complex movements to achieve an adequate training intensity and results.

This is why most customers get a euphoric mood after their first session, because they get a great experience which affect the body positively, unequal to other “senior” and “elderly” programs, which often lack of adequate intensity of muscle stimulation.

After only a few trainings you will start to experience, that daily tasks become much easier, the joy of any of your loved activities you might reduced to participate come back, your independency increases,  and you will feel engergized and fit. 

Further Benefits to expect:

  • Improve overall fitness and mood
  • Imporved muscle strength
  • Back pain relief
  • Prevent muscle atrophy
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • improvements in blood pressure and diabetes
  • Suitable for arthritis patients

We hold an education and certificate in elderly fitness exercise.


We from SmartFit20® have a solution. We offer personal training based on the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) concept, giving you incredible results, whether your goal is body shaping, building up muscle, improving back pain or recovering from injury.

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